CD4 Count is more Important than Undetectable Viral Load

The publication on CD4 count being more important than undetectable viral load can be found in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. This study reviewed the cases of more than 17,000 HIV-positive patients and monitored 2,300 patients for five years.

It was observed that HIV-affected patients often seek medical help when they are already severely immune-compromised. Patients in the long-term study included those who started treatment when their CD4 levels were very low, at below 200.

Th17 as a Vaccine

UCSF Researchers Identify A Potential New HIV Vaccine/Therapy Target
By Jeff Sheehy on May 30, 2012

After being infected with simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) in a laboratory study, rhesus macaques that had more of a certain type of immune cell in their gut than others had much lower levels of the virus in their blood, and for six months after infection were better able to control the virus.

SIV is a retrovirus that infects primates. Strains of SIV that crossed over to humans resulted in the evolution of HIV. In rhesus macaques, SIV causes simian AIDS (though in many primates it is harmless) and studying the virus in these animals offers crucial insights into how HIV acts in humans, the researchers said.

Increasing Th17 Cells in the Gut May Improve the Control of HIV Growth

Increasing Th17 Cells in the Gut May Improve the Control of HIV Growth
June 11, 2012
Immune cells may improve the control of HIV growth

Kristina Abel, PhD

A new study from a team of microbiologists and immunologists suggests that treatment aimed at increasing Th17 cells in the gut may improve the control of HIV growth by promoting an environment in which T cells having more anti-viral capabilities are produced.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina – The findings of a new study in monkeys may help clarify why some people infected with HIV are better able to control the virus. They also may pinpoint a target for treatment during early HIV infection aimed at increasing the supply of certain immune cells in the gut, which the study shows could be an important factor in limiting HIV growth in cells throughout the body.

How can I Increase my CD4 Count?

Increase CD4 with LIV Capsules and live happily with HIV

LIV Capsules (APCO Cap)

LIV, also referred to as APCO cap, is a natural food supplement formulated from GM-1 Polysaccharide Synergistic Complex of mangosteen extract powder and Centella asiatica juice powder. This mixture is enhanced with SG-Protein Synergistic Complex of black sesame extract, guava fruit juice powder and isolated soy protein. GM-1 in the mangosteen extract used in the LIV capsule has been found to inhibit reverse transcriptase and protease enzymes which are essentials in the virus replication process.

NIA Recognizes APCO for APCO Cap (LIV Capsules)

Recognition of APCO by the NIA in Thailand for the development of APCO cap or LIV Capsules
NIA Logo

Statement of Recognition

The National Innovation Agency (Public Oranization) “NIA” is a Thai government entity that promotes and supports innovation products by Asian Phytoceuticals Public Company (APCO), led by its CEO, Prof. Dr. Pichaet Wiriyachitra, as follows:

What is CD4 Count? Why is it important?

CD4 Count and its importance

What is CD4 Count? A CD4 count is a lab test that measures the number of CD4 T lymphocytes (CD4 cells) in a sample of your blood.

For people living with HIV, it is the most important laboratory indicator of how well your immune system is working and the strongest predictor of HIV progression.

It is helpful to know what CD4 cells are to understand why they are important. They are often called T-cells or T-helper cells, a type of white blood cells that play a major role in protecting the body from infection. They send signals to activate your body’s immune response when they detect “intruders,” like viruses or bacteria.

New Plant Extract, a Boon for the HIV-Positive

APCOcap – LIV Capsules, made of a New Plant Extract


Medical tests have shown that the mixture, known as APCOcap (or LIV Capsules), can raise the CD4-cell count in people who take anti-retroviral drugs.

When infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), patients see a drop in the count of CD4 cells – a white-blood cell that plays a key role in protecting the immune system.

Anti-retroviral drugs and APCOcap can help HIV-positive people maintain or boost their CD4 count, and with their immune system working well, patients can continue leading normal lives.

CD4 Count Increase of Children with HIV After Using LIV Capsules

The CD4 levels of children with HIV at the Baan Gerda increased after using LIV capsules

APCO extended support to HIV-affected children at the Baan Gerda Children’s Foundation Home where seventeen children were selected to be given LIV capsules continuously for 12 months.


Result after a year of taking the LIV capsules:

  • Significant improvement in the health of the children.
  • All opportunistic infections such as viral infection, tuberculosis and pneumonia were remedied.
  • One of the children who also had liver cancer and normally had a very low chance of recovery, received more capsules than the others is still alive and energetic.
  • According to the tests of all the HIV-affected children, their CD4 had increased by an average of 67.34% after one year of taking four LIV capsules a day.

APCO Helps People Living with HIV

Testing the Efficacy of LIV Capsule on People Living With HIV

The joint program of testing the efficacy of LIV capsules between Chiang Mai University and APCO titled, “A Study on Increasing the White Blood Cell (CD4) Lymphocytes Count In HIV-Positive People By Taking Operation BIM Capsules” showed that the quality of life of the volunteers involved in the program improved significantly and their CD4 count had increased after taking four (4) LIV capsules a day for six to nine (6-9) consecutive months.

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